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The European Wilderness Society recently introduced a new initiative, called Respect Nature. Number of informational materials on Respect Nature principles and guidelines were developed in various European languages.

The Respect Nature guidelines aim at raising awareness on how to enjoy the outdoors and Wilderness and at the same time minimise our impact on it. Humans can have a strong impact on the nature around them when enjoying the outdoors. Disturbing animals, destroying vegetation, littering and trampling the soils are among the common traces we leave behind. By understanding the impact of our actions and following the nine principles of Respect Nature, we can ensure that our nature experience is centred around respect.

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As part of the five-session online training course “Ranger training on Tourism and Waste management in Protected Areas”, Ukrainian Protected Area staff, NGOs, interest groups and other stakeholders from Ukraine attending a minimum four out of five sessions will receive a certificate issued by the Ukrainian State Environmental Academy of post-graduates and management and the European Wilderness Society. Please see under Related Events the other online training sessions. 



    • 03/06/2020
    • 9:00 Greetings and introduction9:00 - 9:25Welcoming the participantsSpeakers: Iryna Shchoka

    • 9:25 Presentation I: Introduction to Respect Nature9:25 - 10:10Presentation I: Introduction to Respect NatureSpeakers: Ziva Alif

    • 10:10 Coffee Break10:10 - 10:20Coffee Break

    • 10:20 Presentation II: Respect Nature Guidelines10:20 - 11:00Respect Nature GuidelinesSpeakers: Ziva Alif

    • 11:00 Q&A11:00 - 11:25Questions & Answers sessionSpeakers: Ziva Alif

    • 11:25 Breakout Session Assignment of Participants11:25 - 11:35Breakout Session Assignment of ParticipantsSpeakers: Hanna Öllös

    • 11:35 Breakout room 1: How to better communicate with visitors? What are the best communication channels? 11:35 - 12:00Breakout room 1: How to better communicate with visitors? What are the best communication channels?

    • 11:35 Breakout Room 2: Misinformation and lack of information in the outdoors11:35 - 12:00Breakout Room II: Misinformation and lack of information in the outdoors

    • 11:35 Breakout Room 3: What is the most challenging visitor behavior and how it can be improved11:35 - 12:00Breakout Room 3: What is the most challenging visitor behavior and how it can be improved

    • 11:35 Breakout room 4: How to minimize impact on wildlife (non-UA group)11:35 - 12:00Breakout room 4: How to minimize impact on wildlife (non-UA group)

    • 12:00 Lunch Break12:00 - 13:00Lunch Break

    • 13:00 Return to the session13:00 - 13:05Returning from LunchSpeakers: Hanna Öllös

    • 13:05 Presentation of results of Breakout Rooms 1-413:05 - 13:35Presentation of results of Breakout Rooms 1-4

    • 13:35 Discussion Round and Wrap-up13:35 - 14:00Discussion Round and Wrap-upSpeakers: Iryna Shchoka

    • 14:00 Satisfaction survey14:00 - 14:15Satisfaction survey

    • 14:15 Announcement of Next Training Session14:15 - 14:20Announcement of Next Training SessionSpeakers: Iryna Shchoka

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European Wilderness Society

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Speakers for this event

  • Iryna Shchoka

    Iryna Shchoka

    Sustainable Tourism and Youth Education Expert

    I am a creative and experienced project manager, tried and tested economist, dedicated to her job.

    I started my career at the UniCreditBank Ukraine in 2002 as an economist and finished in 2011 as a branch office head.

    In 2006 I coordinated for the Ukrainian NGO FORZA a Cluster analysis of the forest sector of the Carpathian region of Ukraine which also included sustainable tourism and local communities wellbeing issues, supported SMEs in marketing and in state-private partnership activities, implemented climate change mitigation and adaptation measures project.

    Since 2013 I implemented the project “Cross-Road Connections” which aimed to improve of environmental situation of small Ukrainian cities and educated adults and teenagers. From 2012 until the end of 2014 I worked as a project manager and developer at the “Agency of Regional Development and Cross-Border Co-operation “Transcarpathia” of Zakarpattya Oblast Council”.

    At the European Wilderness Society I am focusing my work on Youth Education in the Carpathians as well as assisting in other European projects. I am also the focal point for our Ukrainian European Wilderness Network partners.

    I am fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, English, Hungarian, Slovakian and started to learn the German language.

    Sustainable Tourism and Youth Education Expert

  • Max A E Rossberg

    Max A E Rossberg

    Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

    Max Rossberg gained his international marketing expertise by graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce in International Business and a Master of Management Science in International Marketing at the Sprot School of Business at the Carleton University, Canada. He then joined after his graduation international corporations in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Ireland.

    As the chairman of the European Wilderness Society he is based in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lungau in the Austrian Alps, from where he works and travel throughout Europe.

    URL https://wilderness-society.org/the-european-wilderness-society-team/max-e-rossberg/

    Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

  • Vlado Vancura

    Vlado Vancura

    Vice-chairman of the European Wilderness Society

    Vlado Vancura gained his international nature and forestry expertise by graduating from the Forest University and Natural Resources Management, in Zvolen, Slovakia. In the following several decades he collected extensive experience with Wilderness and natural resources management all across the world. He worked in numerous nature oriented jobs as a full time, seasonal or free lance consultant in Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, United States with the U.S. National Park Service and in Canada with Parks Canada.

    As the deputy chairman of the European Wilderness Society he is based in the Slovakian part of Carpathian Mountains, right at the edge of the famous Tatras National Park. His enthusiasm motivate various groups and stakeholders to contribute to the protection of European Wilderness Heritage and encourage them to become a Wilderness Advocate.

    Vice-chairman of the European Wilderness Society

  • Ziva Alif

    Ziva Alif

    European Wilderness Society

    European Wilderness Society

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