International Wilderness Week 2022

The International Wilderness Week is back!

We are excited to announce that in December 2022, the European Wilderness Society will be hosting the second International Wilderness Week.

The wonderful success of the virtual conference 2020 pushed back against the global lockdown that had cancelled or limited many important events within conservation in order to continue promoting wilderness advocacy. The wilderness week reconnected many people to the natural world outside along with like-minded advocates to inspire hope and further action on nature´s behalf now that we were so strongly reminded just how important it was to our well-being.

During these five days, Wilderness advocates from around the world will celebrate Wilderness with online presentations, discussions, workshops, live excursions, reports from community events, Q&As, join-in-activities and much more!

The second International Wilderness Week is a one-of-a-kind event. Its virtual setup allows to address and involve all time zones and regions. The virtual space also provides easy access for everyone. Every single one of the five days will be packed with a stunning 15 hours of content divided into three geographical blocks. Tune in at lunch break to hear stories from your own continent and again in the evening to learn about Wilderness from the other side of the world.

Coming together for our world’s Wilderness

The meaning and history of Wilderness is just as diverse as its appearance around the world. Unfortunately, Wilderness is disappearing globally at an alarming rate. We know that there are people everywhere, working hard or willing to help preserve Wilderness from their homes. It’s a tough mission, so from its inception the European Wilderness Society has been working to connect Wilderness advocates in Europe and beyond. The International Wilderness Week is the next step on this journey. We will have speakers and participants from all continents who will present the beauty of their local Wilderness, shine a light on the issues they face and inspire the audience with visions for the future.

The International Wilderness Week is a celebration of the diversity of Wilderness and its advocates from all over the world. This means we need you bring this idea to life! Present your work on Wilderness! Tell us your Wilderness story! Bring Wilderness into the virtual world! Show us your local wild area!