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International Wilderness Week is a free online event to connect the Wilderness enthusiasts an environmental eco-activist from all over the world. After the great success of 2020‘s event, European Wilderness Society is organising International Wilderness Week 2022. European Wilderness Society believes everybody has the power to advocate for Wilderness and spread the word on it. 

Join us from 14th – 16th of December 2022! This year, we have a new format for our exchange. During the 3 days we will discuss The Future of Wilderness: opportunities and threats. We are going to talk about moral dilemma of intervention or non-intervention in the age of climate change. Where are the limits of saving? Will intervention actually help? What will we destroy while we are trying to save? 

In 2014, European Wilderness Society presented the European Wilderness Quality Standards and Audit System. We are aiming to designate more Wilderness which can meet the Wilderness Quality Standards. According to the Quality Standards definition, Wilderness are composed of native habitats and species, and large enough for the effective ecological functioning of natural processes. They are unmodified or only slightly modified and without intrusive or extractive human activity, settlements, infrastructure or visual disturbance.

The Wilderness continuum (developed by Prof. Roderick Nash 1993) as a basis for the European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System.

In nowadays, humans are willing to modify and manage nature claiming to save it. During our 3 day transcontinental online conference, we are going to debate this statement and find out prospectives of this approach. European Wilderness Society are welcoming different Wilderness Advocates as speakers: scientists, researchers, educators, decision makers, youth, eco-activists to share their opinions on the future of Wilderness. 

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The general topic of International Wilderness Week 2022 is "Future of Wilderness: opportunities & threats". We are going to talk about the concept of non-intervention in nature in the face of climate change consequences. Where are the limits of saving? Will intervention help? Please, ensure that you answer one of these questions in your presentation.
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