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After the great success of 2020, the European Wilderness Society is organising the 2nd International Wilderness Week, an online event to connect enthusiasts and environmental advocates from all over the world. Join us in October 2022 and inspire others to care for the Wilderness of the world! In the European Wilderness Society, we believe everybody has the power to protect our precious Wilderness. For this reason, the International Wilderness Week welcome presenters coming from universities, NGOs, individuals, business, government, and beyond.

This year, the International Wilderness Week will explore the wonders of some of the most iconic habitats on earth. Starting with the mysteries of our oceans and some of the habitats highly influenced by them such as coasts, wetlands and mangrove, we will explore the wonders of some of the most precious and threatened forests and mountains. From there we will move to the magnificent savannas, grasslands and deserts of our planet. To finish it off, last day we will put the focus on humans and wilderness, discussing some of the main challenges, as well as potential solutions.

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