Ukrainian Respect Nature Training

We have Respect Nature online training Recording and Presentations in Ukrainian for you to view online and to download as a PDF. Just click on the button.

Session 1: Respect Nature introduction and educational materials and tools

Session 2: Presentation 1. Nature Interpretation by Natalia Gudkova

Session 2: Presentation 2. Ecotourism and Interpretation  Experience of the Center for Protected Area Management

Session 2: Presentation 3. Junior Forest Rangers

Session 2: Presentation 4.Game: War and Environment

Session 3: Presentation 1. Respect nature at Carpathian biosphere reserve.

Session 3: Presentation 2. Respect nature: learn and teach project at CBR

Session 3: Presentation 3. Environmental education activities of NNP “Podilsky tovtry”

Session 3: Presentation 4. Zero waste school in Kherson and Transcarpathia

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