New Speaker announced – Ondrej Vitek, Czech Republic

Ondrej Vitek, Nature Conservation Agency of the Czech Republic, will be speaking at the European Wilderness Academy Days.

Ondrej Vitek will present the activities of the Nature Conservation Agency, for example info-centres, known as ‘Houses of Nature’, tours by volunteer rangers, and visitor management policies. He will discuss their contribution to nature conservation, and their role in providing visitors with high-quality natural experiences.

Ondrej will also bring the English version of his board game ‘Park Rangers‘, which explains tasks that European rangers face, and therefore promotes ranger services to the public. The game includes real-life scenarios, and examples that rangers in the Czech Republic face every day.

If you would like to hear Ondrej talk, discuss ranger activities in the Czech Republic, or get a close-up of the game ‘Park Rangers’, you can register for the Wilderness Academy Days here.

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