The History of Wilderness

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Wilderness protection is about protecting large, undisturbed natural areas that are free from human extraction, intervention and human-made artefacts, such as buildings, roads and other constructions. Wilderness is a place where open ended undefined natural dynamic processes govern, where natural forces predominate. However, in the history of the Western world, humans’ relationship with nature has been largely based on the belief that nature is the property of humankind and therefore the purpose of the natural world is to benefit humans.

Thus, one may ask, what was the starting point of Wilderness protection? The US has a long history of preserving Wilderness. The adoption of the Wilderness Resolution by the European Parliament celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2019. At the same time, the US Wilderness Act was passed in 1964, 56 years ago, during which 54 areas (9.1 million acres / 3.7 million ha) in 13 states were designated as Wilderness. It is therefore important for all of us who want to contribute to the future of Wilderness protection, to understand the past. This webinar looks at the history of Wilderness starting in the Middle Ages to the beginning of industrial logging all the way up to the present.

Tune in to learn:

– What is the evolution of Wilderness?
– How does the US and European Wilderness movement align with each other?
– Who were the key Wilderness thinkers, leaders and advocates?
– What are some common misconceptions about the definition of Wilderness?


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European Wilderness Society

Max A E Rossberg Dechant Franz Fuchs Str. 5

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Speakers for this event

  • Max A E Rossberg

    Max A E Rossberg

    Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

    Max Rossberg gained his international marketing expertise by graduating with a Bachelor in Commerce in International Business and a Master of Management Science in International Marketing at the Sprot School of Business at the Carleton University, Canada. He then joined after his graduation international corporations in Germany, Holland, Sweden, Spain, Hungary, Ukraine, Poland, Canada and Ireland.

    As the chairman of the European Wilderness Society he is based in UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Lungau in the Austrian Alps, from where he works and travel throughout Europe.


    Chairman of the European Wilderness Society

  • Vlado Vancura

    Vlado Vancura

    Vice-chairman of the European Wilderness Society

    Vlado Vancura gained his international nature and forestry expertise by graduating from the Forest University and Natural Resources Management, in Zvolen, Slovakia. In the following several decades he collected extensive experience with Wilderness and natural resources management all across the world. He worked in numerous nature oriented jobs as a full time, seasonal or free lance consultant in Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, United States with the U.S. National Park Service and in Canada with Parks Canada.

    As the deputy chairman of the European Wilderness Society he is based in the Slovakian part of Carpathian Mountains, right at the edge of the famous Tatras National Park. His enthusiasm motivate various groups and stakeholders to contribute to the protection of European Wilderness Heritage and encourage them to become a Wilderness Advocate.

    Vice-chairman of the European Wilderness Society

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