Wilderness trips to the Tatras

1. Trip Sucha, Jalovecka and Bobrovecka Valleys

  • Strenuous
  • Tatra National Park, (West Tatra Mountains),
  • Potential Wilderness Sucha, Jalovecka and Bobrovecka Valleys (8,956 ha)
  • Length of the trip (7- 9 hrs.)

In the morning, a bus takes us from the hotel about 8 km to the northern trailhead of Jalovecka Valley (850 m). From there we will hike about 800 m up through a forest, among limestone cliffs and finally alpine meadows right to the peak named Babky (1,566 m). There we have a panoramic view to the three big valleys Sucha, Jalovecka and Bobrovecka. These valleys are the largest private potential Wilderness in Tatra National Park due to no signs of human activity like roads, logging operation or grazing. Currently the land owners, hunting associations and the park managers discuss how to gradually reduce hunting pressure in this area. From the peak an easy trail follows the mountain ridge further north with an impressive view to Sucha Valley. After half an hour, we reach the pass Preduvratie with a wonderful view to Bobrovecka and Jalovecka Valley. Several years ago, a strong windstorm left a long trail of devastation with consequences for the forest in this potential Wilderness. After a short stop at the tourist hut Pod Naruzim, we take a hiking trail down to the forest. Afterwards, we reach the same place where we left this trail in the morning and then we follow the same trail back to the bus. On the way back down, we can stop at 2-3 panoramic view points to the wonderful basin of Liptov and the mountains ridge Low Tatra in the south.

2. Trip Janska Valley

  • Difficult
  • Low Tatra National Park,
  • Potential Wilderness Janska Valley (1,697ha )
  • Length of the trip (6-7 hrs.)

In the morning, we directly start at the hotel (678 m). Following a flat road, a ski slope and a forestry trail we reach the pass Rakytovica (1,123 m) after less than 1,5 hours. From there we can see the potential Wilderness Janska Valley and the canyon Bielo. During the next 50 minutes the trail gets steep and zig-zag until we reach the top of Prednej Poludnice (1,491 m) in potential Wilderness Janska Valley. From here we have an excellent panoramic view to Liptovska Mara, Liptov Basen of Low Tatra and Tatra National Park. In the west, there can also be seen the massive of Chocské Mountains. Then we continue 10 minutes to the top of Poludnica (1,549 m), where we will have time for eating our lunch. Afterwards we hike southwards with the Ilanovska Valley on the right and Janska Valley on the left side until we reach Pass Kupel after 30 minutes and Pass Rakytovica after another 40 minutes. Then we follow the same trail back to the hotel, where we can stop at a natural swimming pool with thermal water.

3. Trip Ohniste

  • Moderate
  • Low Tatra National Park Potential Wilderness Ohniste (852,ha)
  • Length of the trip (6-7 hrs.)

The minivans will take us from the hotel to the Pass Svidovske Sedlo (1,133 m) in Low Tatra National Park. This pass is boundary between Janska and Svidovska Valley. From there we take a steep but moderate trail up to the top of the karstic massive Ohniste (1,533 m) from where we have a fantastic panoramic view to the main ridge of Low Tatra National Park with its highest peak Dumbier (2,043 m). Only a few meters below us there are more than 100 m of deep abyss with ice at the bottom. We take the same trail back, where we can stop at the large karstic, which was used as a grazing area during summer in the past.

Liptovsky Hradok