The conference speakers

Some of the best wilderness advocates from across Europe

Ladislav Miko

EU Commission How Prague changed the protection of wilderness in Europe.

MR Mag. Viktoria Hasler

Abteilungsleiterin-Stellvertreterin der Abteilung I/8 – “Nationalparks, Natur- und Artenschutz” im Bundesministerium für Land- und Forstwirtschaft, Umwelt und Wasserwirtschaft.

Wolfgang Urban

Nationalpark Hohe Tauern Climate change creates new wilderness in National Park Hohe Tauern

Zoltan Kun

European Wilderness Society  The need of auditing management effectiveness to improve wilderness in Europe

Luke Chamberlain

Wilderness Society Australia  Linking wilderness to UNESCO World Heritage convention

Bernhard Kohler

WWF Austria : Mapping wilderness throughout the Austrian Alps in order to push its protection

Stuart Brooks

John Muir Trust A grand vision to bring wilderness back to Britain

Stephen Carver

Wildland Research Institute c/o University of Leeds  The wilderness continuum and its practical implication to wilderness protection

Manfred Klein

Bundesamt für Naturschutz  Developing and implementing a wilderness strategy for Germany

Katharina Conradin

mountain wilderness Switzerland  Threats and opportunities of wilderness in Europe’s Alps

Vlado Vancura

European Wilderness Society The European Wilderness Quality Standard and Audit System (EWQA) and it’s implication for protected areas.

Jaromir Blahá

Hnuti Duha Launching a new ERASMUS+ project for Natura 2000 managers

Vasil Mochan

Deputy Director for Science National Park Zacharovanij kraj: Wilderness in the Ukraine and the development of flora and fauna in Chernobyl after the nuclear disaster.

Michael Jungmeier

E.C.O. c/o Alpe Adria University Protected Areas 3.0: the challenges of today and tomorrow

Ruxandra Nitu

Pro Parks Foundation  LIFE+ project in Romania for Natura 2000 managers

Jaromir Blahá

Hnuti Duha: How the management audit can improve the situation in Sumava National Park


Jim O’Donnell

Photographer Drive them Wild: Bringing Artists and people closer to wilderness

Katrin Schikorr

Wild touch   Connecting wilderness and arts

Max A.E. Rossberg

European Wilderness Society   Introduction to the European Wilderness Society

Oguz Kurdoglu

Karadeniz Technical University:   Potential wilderness areas in north-eastern Anatolia


 Faris Karahan

Atatürk  University:   Potential wilderness areas in north-eastern Anatolia


Karin Eckhard

European Wilderness Society Pan European Green Corridor Project Network and its relevance to European wilderness

Gaia Angelini

Lumina Consulting  Why we need to lobby for wilderness in Europe even more than before

 Sheila Wren

John Muir Trust  Introducing the idea of the European Wilderness Convention


Erich Mayrhofer

Kalkalpen National Park  How the legislative framework concerning Bark Beetle needed to be changed to support wilderness and it’s results  

José Ignacio Vega

Ecoturismo I+D+i: Ecotourism Human and Wildlife interaction with a focus on wolves

Dr. Heiko Schumacher

Brandenburg Wilderness Foundation How military zones can be turned into wilderness areas

Tim Schwarzenberger

Gesellschaft zur Förderung des Nationalparks Harz e.V. Successful lynx reintroduction in the Harz

Gudrun Pflüger

Wild Spirit  The comeback of large carnivores in Europe and the callenge caused by this

Prof Dr Roman Türk

Nature Conservation Society Austria  Wilderness and its role concerning biodiversity

Jonathan Carruthers-Jones

Wildland Research Institute Mapping of corridors example pyrénées


Fabienne Trattner

MPI Group, sustainable tourism development & leisure management The challenges of Multistakeholder Approaches

To be announced

European Commission DG Environment European wilderness and the EU biodiversity strategy with special attention on the wilderness register

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