chair for IUCN’s World Commission on Protected Areas Europe (and director of Secovlje Salina Nature Park in Slovenia), will speak at the Wilderness Acadamy Days 2015 about the link between IUCN’s protected area categories and wilderness with special attention to the Green List of Protected Areas. “Protected Areas (PA) have always played an important role in my life.” says Andrej Sovinc. “I started as ornithologist, writing proposals for the establishment of bird reserves in Slovenia. Trained as hydrologist, my links to Protected Areas became wetland and river restoration projects. Many in WCPA will remember me from the times, when the IUCN Parks for Life Action Plan for Protected Areas was seen as one of the most influencial initiatives to ensure adequate, effective and well-managed network of such areas in Europe. As a coordinator of several contributions to this Plan I learned a lot about Protected Area policies and projects.

Picture Credits: Andrej Sovinc;

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